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Monday, February 14, 2011

Across the Universe has TWO covers?!!!

So, I may be a little late on the upkeep.  But that’s okay, but this discovery still blew my mind.
Did you know…
Across the Universe has TWO different covers!
Beth has dubbed them Amy:
And Elder:

And here’s the best part!  If you own an American hardback copy of Across the Universe, then you have both of these covers!  Just turn the cover to the flipside, and there ya have it!  Lucky for me, I have two copies, so I keep one on the Amy side and one on the Elder side!


Eli Squared said…

Which do you like better? Even though it is AWESOME we have two covers and a clear map of Godspeed, I'm partial to the Amy cover.


Eli to the nth

The Book Heist said…

I'm really torn! I love both of them, so it's hard to choose. If I saw both of them in a bookstore, I would probably pick up the Amy version first.

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