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Friday, February 18, 2011

Book Review: Betrayal by Lee Nichols

Title: Betrayal

Author: Lee Nichols

Publisher: Bloomsbury Children

Publication Date: March, 2011

Softback: 288 pages

Stand Alone or Series:  Series–this is the second in a series

How I got this book: ARC from Bloomsbury Children

Why I chose this book: I read the first book in the series–Deception.


Emma Vaile is the most powerful ghostkeeper in centuries. Which is great when she’s battling the wraith-master Neos, but terrible when she’s flirting with fellow ghostkeeper (and soul mate) Bennett. When ghostkeepers fall in love, the weaker one loses all power, and that’s not something Bennett can handle. Heartbroken and alone, Emma tries to lose herself in school with fellow ghostkeeper, Natalie. When a new team of ghostkeepers arrive-one a snarky teen boy, the other a British scholar-Emma finds solace in training for the battle against Neos. But as the team grows stronger, they are threatened by an unknown force. One they thought was good.


In Betrayal, Lee Nichols’ highly anticipated second novel in the Haunting Emma series, Emma learns what it’s like to be betrayed.  Led in a fast-paced chase throughout the book, Nichols captures your senses and lets them skyrocket in this thrill ride.  We’re back with a fun cast of characters that make you laugh out loud–Coby, now a ghost; Emma, still seeking to capture Neos, the evil being; Lukas, the new hottie ghostkeeper; Simon, the British rule enforcer; Bennet, the hunky love interest; and Natalie, the go-to girl.  There’s someone for everyone.  Everyone has a chance to fear for their lives, and the battles are never-ending.  Nichol’s cooks up some surprises that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. 


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