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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fifteen Authors Who’ve Changed My Life

It’s really hard picking favorites when it comes to authors and books.  There are just. So. Many.  But, even though it’s a challenge, I’ve come up with a list of (only) fifteen that have really touched my heart and haunted my dreams.  Here gos:

  1. Elizabeth Chandler (which is actually an alias for Mary Claire Helldorfer).  She’s written the Kissed by an Angel series, which features the recent installment, Evercrossed.  I never cry when I read (or watch movies for that matter).  But the Kissed by an Angel series had me pretty close.  She also has some other books out: the Dark Secrets series, I Do, At First Sight, and a bunch more.
  2. Beth Revis.  I feel like I shouldn’t have to say more.  Her debut, Across the Universe, was recently released, and boy! is it a mind-blower.  It’s one of those rare books that are so complex, so completely compelling, that it garners instant respect and love.  So kudos to Revis!  Watch for the sequel, A Million Suns, expected to be published in 2012 (sigh). 
  3. Daniel Waters, a blower-of-minds.  How could a zombie series touch my heart, you may ask?  Well, the emotions in this book are so palpable, so extreme… His books was definitely a roller-coaster ride.  If you don’t know what books I’m talking about, what’s wrong with you?! (Joking!)  He is the author of the Generation Dead series. 
  4. Jay Asher, emotion harbinger extraordinaire.  I’m talking about his novel, Thirteen R3asons Why.  It is impossible to put down.  Even though at the beginning of the novel we know what’s to happen at the end (much like Romeo and Juliet, methinks), I couldn’t help but wish that somehow there would be hope.  Score one for Asher. 
  5. Susane Colasanti, the master of romance.  Or mistress, I should say.  She has several novels out, but my favorites (by far) are Take Me There and When It Happens.  I’m eagerly awaiting her upcoming novel, So Much Closer, which hits stores May 3rd. 
  6. Richelle Mead is a goddess.  I don’t know where I would be without the Vampire Academy Series.  They. Are. Epic.  Need I say more?  But Richelle Mead’s epicness transcends the YA genre, with her other adult novels. 
  7. Gillian Shields broke my heart with her Immortal Series.  Sebastian!! Come back!!  Haven’t read the series?  I won’t give away any spoilers, but this is definitely one of the best series I’ve (ever) read.  It really pulls on the ol’ heartstrings.  The third installment in the series comes this August, so watch out!
  8. Stephenie Meyer.  I’m tired of the bad wrap she’s been given, so I’ll admit it.  I LOVE the Twilight Series.  It’s one of those books you either love or hate.  But that’s okay, because that’s what great writing does: it gets some kind of emotion out of you.  Her other books include: The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner, and The Host.
  9. Lili St. Crow is an author I’ve only recently discovered.  Her Strange Angels Series was one that I always saw on the bookshelf at the store, but always put off reading.  If you happen to be doing the same, knock it off!  This series is mind-blowing.  It puts a new spin on the paranormal genre, and you get to read about a badass protagonist.
  10. Ally Carter has many books out.  But the one I hold above all others is Heist Society.  I adore reading about thieves and gadgets and awesomeness, and Heist Society had it all.  She’s also written the Gallager Girl’s Series and some adult books as well!  The second book in the Heist Society Series, Uncommon Criminals, comes out in late June.
  11. Sara Zarr.  She’s written Story of a Girl and Once Was Lost.  But the kicker (at least for me) was Sweethearts.  It’s true torture that there isn’t a sequel to this book.  I’ve recommended it to several people, all of whom loved it completely. 
  12. Elizabeth Scott, another mistress of romance who scores for the underdogs.  My personal favorite of hers is Something, Maybe.  It’s such a sweet read that I love rereading over and over.  Her other novels are Perfect You, The Unwritten Rule, and several others.  Her upcoming novel, Between Here and Forever, hits stores May 24th. 
  13. Maggie Stiefvater forever changed the werewolf genre.  I lucked out that Shiver and Linger  happened to be some of the first werewolf novels I’ve read.  But that’s not the only fantasy she’s written about.  She’s written about faeries in her novels Lament and Ballad.  The final book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Series comes out July 12th.
  14. Jessica Verday has knocked my socks off.  (Figuratively).  Her characters will haunt you.  If you haven’t read The Hollow and The Haunted, you better get to it, because the next installment in The Hollow Series comes out in September.  Look for The Hidden!
  15. Stephanie Perkins recently released her debut, Anna and the French Kiss, and it just has je ne sais pas.  It was perfect, complex, addicting!  I can’t wait for her new upcoming novel, Lola and the Boy Next Door!


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