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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book Review: Pure by Julianna Baggott

Title: Pure

Author: Julianna Baggott

Publisher: Grand Central Publishing

Publication date: February 8, 2012

Hardcover: 448 pages

Stand Alone or Series: Series–this is the first in a series.

How I got this book: Galley from Grand Central Publishing

Why I chose this book: The synopsis is what really pushed me to read this book.  Though dystopian isn’t anything new in the YA genre, this authors take on it seemed fresh and exciting.


We know you are here, our brothers and sisters . . .
Pressia barely remembers the Detonations or much about life during the Before. In her sleeping cabinet behind the rubble of an old barbershop where she lives with her grandfather, she thinks about what is lost-how the world went from amusement parks, movie theaters, birthday parties, fathers and mothers . . . to ash and dust, scars, permanent burns, and fused, damaged bodies. And now, at an age when everyone is required to turn themselves over to the militia to either be trained as a soldier or, if they are too damaged and weak, to be used as live targets, Pressia can no longer pretend to be small. Pressia is on the run.

Burn a Pure and Breathe the Ash . . .

There are those who escaped the apocalypse unmarked. Pures. They are tucked safely inside the Dome that protects their healthy, superior bodies. Yet Partridge, whose father is one of the most influential men in the Dome, feels isolated and lonely. Different. He thinks about loss-maybe just because his family is broken; his father is emotionally distant; his brother killed himself; and his mother never made it inside their shelter. Or maybe it’s his claustrophobia: his feeling that this Dome has become a swaddling of intensely rigid order. So when a slipped phrase suggests his mother might still be alive, Partridge risks his life to leave the Dome to find her.

When Pressia meets Partridge, their worlds shatter all over again.


     I want to start of by saying that Pure was a lot different than the types of books I usually read.  What I mean is that I typically stay away from books like this because there are small details about it that I just don’t like.  So while reading the beginning, getting to know the characters and the setting, I was tempted a couple times to just stop reading it and move on to something else.  I’m glad I stuck it through.  This story may be different, but it was haunting, intoxicating, and thoroughly addicting. 
     I have never read about a dystopian world that so completely and truly freaked me out.  It was written in such a rational way–one that made me think it was something so possible to become a reality here on Earth, that it made me wonder: what would happen if this happened? in a way I never thought before.  It was amazing how recognizable Baggott’s world was, yet how different. 
     I want to hint at something that is in the synopsis, but I don’t want to give it away.  All I’m going to say is that a line from the synopsis can really be misleading to the reader.  But don’t be discouraged!  It does not, in any way, effect the greatness of the story.
     One thing I do wish for more of was the romance in this story.  It kind of takes a backseat to the action throught the novel, and I understand why that was done.  But the few romantic scenes seemed a little displaced and unfitting with the rest of the story.  (Though I do hear that the sequel has more romance.  Can’t wait!)
     Lastly, I want to warn everyone as to how addicting this story can be.  I didn’t want to put it down.  So make sure you have a free weekend with no plans, and have a weekend in bed with this book.  If this novel fits your style (and even for some people whose style it doesn’t fit, like me), I can promise you won’t be disappointed.

Pure should be hitting stores in about a week.  Don’t forget to grab a copy!