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Monday, February 14, 2011

Step Aside Stephenie Meyer?

Here’s the deal: Josephine Angelinin, author of the upcoming novel, Starcrossed, a “Percy Jackson for teenage girl,” struck a major deal.  The American rights were just sold, as well as the film rights. 
So what is Starcrossed?  Greek Tragedy comes to High School when a shy nantucket teenager named Helen Hamilton attempts to kill the most attractive boy on the island, Lucas Delos, in front of the entire class. 
Hmm?  So, tell me what you think.  Will Starcrossed be the next Twilight?


Eli Squared said…

Hmm, I don't know. I mean definitely not as fast as a book deal and a movie deal all at once, but I AM NUMBER FOUR had both relatively quickly. But who can really predict this stuff? No offense to the Twilight fans, but I would never never never have pegged Twilight to be as popular as it is.

Also "Percy Jackson for the teenage girl" is a little silly considering PErcy Jackson is for the teenage girl. It has romance and adventure. I never understood why a protagonist had to be female in order to make the book "for the teenage girl".

Furthermore, if there is another Greek Tragedy that becomes popular I vote for Tera Lynn Childs series Oh My Gods which is awesome (if you haven't read them I recommend you do; funny and awesome).

Okay done now. It will be interesting to see where Starcrossed goes. I'll be keeping an eye out.


Eli to the nth

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