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Sunday, March 20, 2011

When it’s too much: my sympathies to Stephenie Meyer

          Recently I was reading some articles on Stephenie Meyer and the whole “Midnight Sun Debacle”.  Maybe it’s just me, but I get the sense the Stephanie Meyer is sad.  When is it too much? I asked myself.  She’s got fame and fortune, yes, but that’s not all that matters.  She had a dream once, and now she says that writing about vampires feels like a chore.  Being a writer myself, I know that no writer should ever feel this way.  Your characters are your friends; their lives whatever you want to make them.  They’re companions, someone you can hold onto forever.  But does Meyer want to hold onto Bella and Edward? 
          So my sympathies go out to Stephenie Meyer, whether she is, in fact, sad, or if she’s as happy as pie.  Life is hard, and it’s the things that we love that help us get through it.  The love of writing and words is a magnificent one, and I hope she claims the chance to rediscover it.


Lisa R/alterlisa said…

I had kind of gotten that feeling also. It seems once you become famous you no longer have a life of your own. Fans seem to think that because they buy your book and watch your films they are entitled to a piece of you. What they should be is grateful that they have been entertained. I can't imagine that living in a fishbowl would be very comfortable and I sincerely hope she is able to recapture the joy of writing as I'd love to see Midnight Sun in print at some later date.

Bella said…

I agree. Everyone should leave her alone about MS. I, along with countless others would love to read the rest of it. We can't get enough Edward. But that being said, she is a person first. She has the right to write what she wants. She does not owe any of us anything. The fact that we can immerse ourselves in her worlds through her writing and lose ourselves there, wish we were the characters, etc. does not mean that we have a say in what she does or does not write. I hope as I have always hoped that she would move on from the sad episode in her writing career and go back to MS in the future. But I also believe that the only way she will ever do it is to be left alone about it.

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